Sedgwick is a leading risk and benefit services provider that created Mysedgwick which is a secure online portal.

Policyholders and claimants can use this system as an easy way to manage their claims and cases anytime, any day.

Whether you are a new or returning user of Mysedgwick, follow this guide to walk you through the simple login process, accompanied by additional help resources.

Steps for Creating Mysedgwick Account.

Get to the Official Page of Mysedgwick:This would require going on your web browser, then typing official Mysedgwick page on it.

  • Find “Create an Account”:Search for a link or button with “Create an Account” or similar words indicated on it. It will start the registration process once clicked.
  • Provide Basic Information:You should write your name, email address and provide a strong password as well as know your claim number or policy details.
  • Review and Submit:Check twice if all the input is correct before you send the sign-up request.
  • Activate Your Account (if applicable):Some people might get an email telling them to activate their freshly made accounts. On responding to that email through its included link, your account will become active.

After completing these steps, use your registered email address and password to log into the platform.

My Sedgwick Login

Logging In for Existing Users

It’s straightforward for any existing users of Mysedgwick who wish to log in:

  1. Go to Login Page:So just open up any internet browser that you have, then search for the homepage of Mysedgwick site on it.
  2. Enter Your Credentials:Put down both email address used during signing up as well as corresponding security code there.
  3. Remember Me” (Optional):If this device has already been confirmed then tick “Remember Me” so no need of keying in such details repeatedly.
  4. Hit “Login”:Click the button entitled “Login” to reach Mysedgwick account.
  5. Two-Factor Authentication (if applicable):In order to better safeguard an individual, a text message or email containing a verification code may be sent. The login process will finalize by typing in this code.

Once you login successfully, you will be redirected to your personalized Mysedgwick dashboard, where managing of claims can be done quite effectively.

Recovering a Forgotten Password

Password gone? Don’t worry, it’s easy to recover:

Go to the Login Page:Now just visit Sedgwick home page on the internet browser.

Click Forgot Password:You need and choose a link/button written ‘Forgot password’ or something like that.

Provide Your Email Address:Enter your email address into a special box assigned specifically for that in relation to your new Mysedgwick account which is going through password recovery process

Submit Your Request:Press the submit button as this will help in sending out an email asking for your password reset

Check Your Email:A password reset prompt is usually sent by Sedgwick via the user’s registered email address. It typically has a clickable URL redirecting clients into those secure pages intended for rebuilding their new passwords.

Create a New Password:The instruction given via email should guide you in creating a strong and unique Mysedgwick account passkey.

After changing the old one with this fresh one, just use your registered email and set of characters as log in credentials.

Need Help? Sedgwick’s Got You Covered

If there are any issues with logging into your account, setting up a new one, or using this online system, Sedgwick customer service team is always available. They can be reached through phone calls, emails, live chats (where possible) or even social networking sites particularly when quick answers are needed quickly from them.

About Sedgwick

Sedgwick is a worldwide front-runner in risk as well as employee benefits services, providing complete solutions to businesses and individuals. Claims handling, risk management, benefits administration, and integrated services are their areas of specialization. Sedgwick is able to help companies manage risks, secure their resources and protect the welfare of their staff by drawing on its experience.


To simplify claim management, Mysedgwick offers policyholders and claimants a safe online platform. By following this guide, you should now be able to log in, reset forgotten passwords and access any necessary resources. Furthermore, Sedgwick’s customer service team is always available to help you and their extensive services can offer meaningful assistance for your risk and benefit requirements.

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